3 best Japanese Autumn/Winter food in Don Quijote to warm up your soul

Autumn just appeared suddenly this year in Japan. I would like to introduce 3 kinds of food that you can enjoy during the cool and dry autumn. Warm foods always heats up our body and warms up our soul! Don't you think so too? 

Donki's baked sweet potato

What I highly recommend is STILL baked sweet potato as the post before.(click here for the post: autumn colors for you to enjoy! ) I'm not repeating to finish my work, I really wish all of you can try this incredibly delicious, nutritious and economical food. I'm sure it will warms your soul! Let me give you some more information about it below. 

Donki's baked sweet potato has a warm (a bit hot sometimes), soft and buttery inside, with full of unclosing honey-like sweetness. Some store might use different potatoes... but basically, we use the potato called "Beni Haruka" which harvest from our own plantations. Be sure it's "Beni Haruka" when you buy to have the heavenly taste. The potatoes are well washed before baking, you can actually eat the skin together like me.  

The machine we use is specialize only in baking sweet potatoes, we have adjusted and improved the heating system many times to pursue the sweetness. The baking temperature is set according to the condition of the potatoes is also a big point to bake perfectly. There are several design on the packages for you to enjoy too!  

I think eating warm baked sweet potatoes is the best, if you can't finish it all, don't throw it away yet, just put it in the fridge and cool the potato. I'm sure a cooled baked sweet potato will also give you a big "Mmmmmmmm"! It is a popular new way to eat during summer these year, it becomes even sweeter and buttery when it's cooled! 

We also have the same baked sweet potatoes at our oversea stores, usually one or two potatoes per each customer because it sells out too quickly all the time. You can buy as much as you want when you visit our stores in Japan! 

Petitto Nabe series

I would also like to recommend the "Petitto Nabe" series from Ebara Foods. To be honest, buying hot pot soup is heavy, space-consuming, and troublesome for me, but this series solves everything.

6 pouches in a bag, one pouch makes one hot pot soup. It's attractive to prepare easily according to the number of people. Whether it's a hot pot single lunch or a hot pot party with multiple, it's simple and easy.

Various flavors are on sale now (10 flavors as author research), there was a general election to choose the best flavor by voting from more than 100,000 people in the past. From the official site of Ebara Foods, the result was below

1st、 Kimchi   23,819 votes
2nd、Yosenabe  20,224 votes
3rd、Tonkotsu soy sauce 9,265 votes

Hot pots always warms our heart and body with happy smiles!

Nissin Bakuretsu Karamen

The last food I want to introduce is Ramen, one of Japanese soul food. The ramen from Nissin," Bakuretsu Karamen", which means explosive spicy noodle, will drives you crazy. Its's very spicy, be careful when you try!

The thick noodles with chewy texture will brings you intense spiciness and rich umami. Nissin (known as Cup Noodles) has used the thickest noodles in the history of Nissin Foods, has released this ramen on March 29, 2021.

With the first sip of soup, you might fell a little bit of spicy, soon you will feel the sweetness and rich umami after. With a few seconds later, the tingling stimulus of the chili pepper will comes to surprise you. The richness, umami, and sweetness of the soup are as strong as the stimulus of chili peppers, if you are a spicy food lover, this spicy but delicious ramen will makes your day for sure.

News! You can visit Spicy Donki now !

Speaking of spicy foods, Don Quijote has produced a specialty store dealing with spicy foods, "Kyokara Donki" on November 6, 2021. There is no duty-free service, but it is a specialty store that collects spicy foods from all of the world, why not take a look?

Astonishingly Spicy Donki
Address: 1-3-1, 1F, Oyamadai, Kashiwa -shi Chiba, JAPAN, 277-0837
TEL/FAX: 0570-066-061 / 047-135-6722
Open Hours: 10:00~21:00
Holiday: none


I have introduced 3 kinds of food to warm up your body and soul today. There are also a lot of other goods beside food, such as body warmers and heat pads to protect you from cold. Remember, Don Quijote has everything you want, please come to hunt for treasure!

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