5 must-buy cosmetic and skin care items in 2021, recommended by Donki cosmetic buyer

Skincare products are essential companions for maintaining healthy skin, and cosmetics are also allies of beauty which can aid in making your face even more beautiful. We also asked Imo-chan, a cosmetics buyer across all Don Quijote stores, what amazing skincare and cosmetic products were available in 2021, so you can trust the eyes of a professional! The following five items should without a doubt be on your list!

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skin care items

① Facial brush: Dolly Angel premium forming facial brush

Author believes the basic of skin care starts from face-wash. If you can't wash your face clearly, your skin care beauty essence can't reach into your skin, right? I would like to introduce 2 types of facial brush above.

First one is a facial brush which can use by 2 ways of ultra-fine hair bundles and silicone. Another facial brush is designed to fit in the palm of your hand which is easy to hold. Both are packed with extra-fine hair bundles, but reasonably priced so easy to purchase new one when needed. Also, using facial brush to foam facial wash will surprise you for it's thick rich lather.

Cleansing: Rosette Yumemiru Balm

Cleansing balms has been very popular in Japan recently. Not only removes makeup with replenishing moisture, but also with multi-functional to cares your skin. I have used many kinds of cleansing balm as products increasing in Japan, from all I have used, I would like to introduce Yumemiru Balm from Rosette.

Yumemiru Balm has a affordable price (compares to others) but excellent functional which leads your skin better. It can removes makeup firmly with lash extension safe ingredients. There are three types of Yumemiru Balm now and all of them contains multi-functions in one, I'll explain the difference of these three below.

The orange package contains "Red Mud", it helps wrinkles (caused by dryness) inconspicuous. The green package contains "Sea Mud", it cares open and darkening pores. The pink package contains "White Mud", cares skin firmness, elasticity, and dullness. All of them can remove makeup with replenishing moisture, break down dead skin cells and use as massage balm.

Author has tried the pink package, white mud, is surprised with its easy melting progress. Cleansing balms are known as difficulty of melting for its weak point, but Yumemiru Balm melts into a rich, silky-smooth texture easily after applying and massaging on your skin. It cushions and protects the skin from cleansing friction, it brings you a nice and comfort cleansing time. Cleansing and also skin care in one, hope you can try one when visiting Japan!

Peeling: DET clear peeling jelly

Do you know how peeling is important to our skin? Peeling eliminate old keratin, dirt in pores and clean darken matters. Author always feels one tone brighter after peeling once a week, and also improve your makeups stays.

The good thing about DET Clear Peeling Jelly is, it can be used with wet hands. You can use in bath room while taking bath. Also, this Disney princess design is limited edition, available only in Don Quijote! It's also limited in quantity, so if you can find it at our store, it's going to be your lucky day!


Liner: KATE Double Line Expert Eyeliner

The Double Line Expert Eyeliner from KATE creates tear bags (which Asian loves), emphasize the size of double eye lid, and raising the corners of your mouth easily with a few drawing.

Draw a line under your eye bags can create an impression of bigger and 3D eyes. Draw a line on the top of your double eye lid can emphasize your eye lid size, and just by adding a little line on the corner of the mouth (both sides), it makes your mouth impression smiling and cute!

I really wish you can try this product as soon as possible because it's easy and great effect like magic!

Makeup Sponge:3D Makeup Sponge

A very cute Donpen and Donko version of the 3D makeup sponge that author also use every day! Have you ever experience applying liquid foundation with your hands or fingers, cause unevenness or a mess on your hands? If you use a 3D sponge, it will spread more beautifully and evenly.

This 3D sponge can be used as it is or wet, and it's a 2-way type that can be used for both foundation and liquid foundation. I like to use after wetting the sponge and squeeze the water well before applying the liquid foundation. If you wet the sponge first, it adheres better to the skin so it does not crumble easily, and gives a glossy skin look!

The 3D makeup sponge will becomes bigger and softer after wetting. The super soft texture will gently touch your skin with every tap very pleasantly. The upper small part will be easier to apply around the eyes and nose. Oh, and it's washable, so it can be used over and over again!

As many of you already know, Donpen and Donko is our image character, so this is available in Don Quijote only!


In this article we haved introduced 5 must-buy items, recommended by the cosmetics buyer Imo and Author today! Some of them are only available at Don Quijote, so be sure to look for them when you visit Japan!

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