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Hello everyone! 2022 feels like it barely started yet we're already in February! It's still cold in the Kanto region where I live, and heating is essential in this chilly season. And as the end to the COVID-19 pandemic is still not within sight, we can instead work towards improving the time we spend at home.

In this article, I wish to present some of JONETZ choice snacks that you shouldn't miss out on when drinking at home! JONETZ is offered exclusively by Don Quijote. Please stop by our stores should you be interested. Some of JONETZ products are also being sold at our overseas stores! 

What is JONETZ? 

Now, "JONETZ" has popped up quite a few times in this article, but what exactly is it? JONETZ is a brand that the PPIH Group is passionately developing. JONETZ was established in 2009 to fulfill needs like:  
"If only this product could also..."  
"If only this were more affordable for daily use..."  

This year marks its 13th year of business. 

Grade up!

It is a private brand that has so far developed about 3,900 products and has quite recently, in February 2021, changed both its logo and its concept. While affordability is one of the qualities that's already a matter of course for private brands, JONETZ takes it a step further and pursues more such as fun, trendiness, and convenience.

Sadly, at some point, attitude toward product development had devolved into solely offering lower prices, and barely any of the products exuded JONETZ concept of "waku-waku, doki-doki" (anticipation and excitement). Private brands are commonly known as PB. With the same abbreviation, JONETZ remade itself as a PB that instead stands for "People Brand."

Many may wonder, "what does it mean to create a product with customers?" To this end, we established a unique site to collect negative feedback from customers. Customers may comment directly on their experiences, such as dissatisfaction with the products' amount of content or unclear packaging. In turn, these comments will fuel the ideas that complete creating a new product. This new PB or "People Brand" is a brand that creates products with customers.

Click here for information!

The site is currently only available in Japanese, but hopefully, we'll get multilingual support in the future!

Jerky is a must with drinks. At JONETZ, we offer a variety of jerky! Today, I would like to present some jerky that I discovered at the store nearest to my office. 

Beef is the most common jerky in Japan.JONETZ, on the other hand, offers three types: beef, pork, and chicken. One interesting thing to note is that packaging has "quality inspected insured by meat specialty store Kyuzen" printed on it. Kyuzen is part of our in-house meat specialty department at Niku Donki and is comprised of professionals who endeavor to ensure fresh meat quality. This looks promising! Let's try it out! 

Chicken jerky

First, I started with the one that piqued my interest the most - the chicken jerky. The actual product name is quite a mouthful. ➡ Kokusan Mune-niku no Shiyo-shi, Assari Demo Umami wo Kanjirareru Ippin. Niku no Puro ga Shikousakugo Shi, Kansei Saseta Tori-Honnrai no Aji wo Saidaigen ni Hikidasu Chikin Jaaki  (This Chichen Jerky, made from Japanese Chicken Breast, is Light but Full of Flavor. Its Sauce was Perfected by Meat Professionals through Trial-and-Error to Maximize the Chicken's Natural Taste). 

The jerky is made with chicken breasts, has no visible fat, and its flavor is light but sufficiently seasoned for your satisfaction. At 5g of fat, it boasts the least calories of all three offerings. Because of its nutritional content, this chicken jerky may be perfect for people on a diet or engaging in physical training

Chicken jerky
Energy 307kcal
Protein 47.4g
Fat 5.0g
Carbohydrates 18.1g
Salt equivalent 5.3g

Pork jerky

I tried the pork jerky next. The official product name of pork jerky is ➡ Genryou ni Kodawari, Akami to Aburami no Baransu ga Ii, Sangen Buta wo Shiyou. Butaniku Honrai no Umami wo Hikidasu Tame, Nandomo Supaisu wo Chougou-shi, Tsui ni Kansei Shita Jishin Manten no Poku Jaakii.  (Our Insistence on Quality has Led us to Make this Pork Jerky with Sangen Pork, Which has a Good Balance Between Leanness and Fattiness. This Jerky was then Elevated and Completed Through Tireless Experimentation with Spices to Bring Out the Natural Flavors of the Pork.) This jerky's name is just as winding as the last. As for the jerky's taste: 

The jerky's flavor starts with a sublime sweetness and follows it with a kick of spice. As you can see in the photo, the pieces have a touch of fat that lends the portions a feeling of impact and size. Lol! It surprised me was that there was no overpowering smell to the meat, and I felt like grabbing more and more due to its sweetish meat aroma. 

Pork jerky
Energy 390kcal
Protein 32.9g
Fat 23.8g
Carbohydrates 11.1g
Salt equivalent 4.1g

Beef jerky

Finally, I gave the beef jerky a try. The beef jerky's brand name is: "Niku wo Shiritsukushita Senmonten to Nandomo Shishoku wo Kasane, Yawarakaku, Umami no Tsuyoi Akami wo Motsu, Angus Gyu wo, Niku no Umami wo Hikidasu Tokuseidare de Shiageta Bifu Jaakii."(Tender and Flavorful Angus Beef-Made Beef Jerky That, with the Expertise of Meat Specialists, Has Resulted in a Product with its Natural Meat Taste Highlighted by a Special Tare Sauce.) The extended length of the product names is one of the amusing things with Jonetsu Kakaku. 

Out of the three, I like the beef jerky the most. Its bite-sized pieces make it very easy to eat, and its tender but, at the same time, chewy bite makes it a pretty balanced snack! It stays appetizing even up to the fatty bits, and you'll undoubtedly be downing one glass after another because of this. If you're still unsure which one to buy, I suggest picking up the beef jerky! 

Beed jerky
Energy 383kcal
Protein 34.9g
Fat 20.3g
Carbohydrates 15.2g
Salt equivalent 4.5g


This article presented three of the various jerky types that JONETZ offers. If any of these products interest you, please drop by Don Quijote when visiting Japan. However, please make sure you know the rules for bringing food items into your own country before buying them as souvenirs. Certain countries may have stringent travel restrictions that prohibit the bringing in of meat products. For the next article, we'll be talking about Hanami goods. Please look forward to it! 

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