Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy (Privacy Policy)

Based on its corporate philosophy of the "Customer First Principle," Pan Pacific International Holdings Group (hereinafter, "Our Group") conducts its activities in line with its management policies to analyze customers' day-to-day reactions to thoroughly understand their emotional complexities, and offer them "Convenience," "Discount" and "Amusement" while thinking outside the box. In order to put these management policies into practice, we believe that the proper handling of personal information relating to customers is our important responsibility. We hereby establish a personal information protection policy (Privacy Policy), and will continue to handle personal information in accordance with this Policy and strive to ensure that this Policy is thoroughly understood by all employees and the entire company.

  • Our Group companies (Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation, Don Quijote Co., Ltd., Nagasakiya Co., Ltd., Japan Commercial Establishment Co., Ltd., D-ONE Co., Ltd, Pan Pacific International Trading Co., Ltd., Asset Property Management Co., Ltd., UD Retail Co., Ltd., Sky Green Co., Ltd., KaibaLab Corporation.) strive to comply with all applicable laws and regulations as well as other rules concerning the proper handling of personal information. We also formulate and implement a personal information protection compliance program, monitor the status thereof, and make continuous improvements to ensure that all employees are aware of the program.
  • Our Group companies will use the personal information provided to us for the following purposes:
    • To deliver products to customers;
    • To make necessary contact regarding repairs and services, etc. requested by customers;
    • To deliver e-mail newsletters and direct mails;
    • To contact and confirm necessary information regarding various campaigns, etc.;
    • To confirm the identity of individuals as stipulated by laws and regulations, etc.;
    • To send information such as information on the products and services of Our Group companies and affiliates, etc.;
    • To improve our ability to provide products and services that are more valuable to our customers;
    • To research and develop our products and services through market surveys (data analysis) and questionnaires, etc.;
    • To provide information to business operators other than Our Group companies, after taking necessary protection measures to prevent the identification of individuals, such as removing personally identifiable information; and
    • For other cases where it is necessary to contact customers for some reason.
  • Our Group companies may ask you about your name, postal code, address, and telephone number, as well as your e-mail address, date of birth, age, occupation, hobbies and so on. You do not have to answer these questions. However, you may not be able to use certain services if you opt not to answer them.
  • Our Group companies will strive to prevent unauthorized access to, alteration, loss, leakage, or damage, etc. of your personal information by taking technical, organizational, physical, and personnel measures.
  • Each company of Our Group does not and will not provide your personal information to any third party without your consent, except where:
    • required by the provisions of laws and regulations;
    • doing so is necessary to protect the material interests of our customers or the public; or
    • providing and making available your personal information through an opt-out procedure in accordance with laws and regulations.
  • Our Group companies may share and use your personal information in accordance with the terms of Service etc. you agreed to.
  • Each company of Our Group may, as necessary, entrust the processing of personal information, etc. to a third party within the scope of the purpose for which it was collected. In such case, Our Group companies will take measures such as entering into a non-disclosure agreement with such third party.
  • Our Group companies may review and improve this Policy as appropriate in order to protect personal information or comply with laws, regulations and other rules. Therefore, please note that this Policy is subject to change without notice.
  • With regard to your personal information, if you intend to request the disclosure, correction, supplement, deletion, discontinuation of use, erasure, or discontinuation of provision to a third party, or if you have any other inquiries concerning personal information, please contact Our Group's Contact Center. Only if we can confirm your identity, we will confirm the facts and respond within a reasonable period of time.

(Telephone: 03-5725-7532 (Reception hours: 10:00-18:00 weekdays only, excluding New Year holidays))

The controlling language of this Privacy Policy is Japanese. Even if this Privacy Policy is translated into a language other than Japanese, only the Japanese text will be effective, and if there is any inconsistency between the Japanese text and such translation, the Japanese text shall automatically prevail.

Revised on April 1, 2021